Best wall clock under 100 dollars in amaozn for your living room

best wall clock

Everyone continuously checks their phones to see the time in the digital world. But do you believe it is the best path to take? We all have other tasks, like work or study, to do. If we check the time at that moment, we might be unable to reach it or be easily distracted by all the phone notifications. A best clocks for living room is the most excellent option for checking the time at home or work. It may also be used as decoration. 


Do you want a digital clock, a modern clock, a circular wall clock, or an antique clock? There are countless options. Because everyone has different likes and preferences, so all selections are other. 


You can find one for yourself at the lowest price in your nearby store or buy some unique, high-quality items that look significant and valuable. I’m here to help you to choose the best cheapest wall clock under 100 dollars in amazon for your living room


12 Best Wall Clocks:



Now, we’ll provide you with various choices based on your preferences. If you’re not sure what to buy and don’t want to waste time looking for the

wall clock top brands , you should have a look at the lists we have chosen as your best options:

1.Amazon Basics 12" Traditional Wall Clock - Black

The 12″ traditional wall clock is perfect for keeping things simple and minimalist. It is an analog clock, and its color is black. The battery serves as its power source (the battery is not included, so you have to put one by yourself).

It is made from polypropylene plastic. Moreover, since it’s a silent clock, you can work quietly without being distracted by the tick-tock sounds a regular watch would create.

The most excellent place to hang it is in your workshop, living room, classroom, or office. Since it is portable and lightweight, you can quickly move this clock anywhere.

Highlight Features: 

  •  Easy to read.
  •  Has a clean sweeping second hand.
  •  silent; makes no noise.
  •  Big face for the wall.

2.Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking 10 Inch Quality Quartz Battery Operated Round Easy to Read Home/Office/Kitchen/Classroom/School Clock Sweep Movement

When it was launched, a silent, black clock was the top-selling item from Benhard Products. A red second hand is used for added visibility. It is reasonably comparable to the first one but less expensive. Any angle can be used to read it. Most suitable for kids, adults, and seniors.

Four sizes are available for this clock’s circular design: 10″, 12″, 13″, and 16″ inches. It is also powered by a “AA” battery, which is not included. Besides, it has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you won’t hesitate if something goes wrong!

It has a retro look. Its unique feature is an extra-large office frame, which works well in a regular classroom. The most excellent place for this clock would be your workplace, living room, bedroom, or gym. Its a cheap and best wall clock

Highlighted Features:

  •  Pretty affordable for a quality item.
  •  Entirely silent.
  •  Clear to see.
  •  Maintains proper time.
  •  Very portable and lightweight.

3.FirsTime & Co. Multicolor Shabby Planks Wall Clock, Large Vintage Decor for Living Room, Home Office, Round, Wood, Farmhouse, 27 inches

The Shabby Planks wall clock by FirsTime & Co. is ideal if you want a fancy, fashionable clock. Only adults would be most appropriate. Unlike those for the business or classroom, it has a domestic aesthetic side.

Three colors are available for this 27″ round-the-clock: brown, teal, and gray. It is formed of natural and white wood planks (with a mix of three colors). This simple, vibrant clock will stand out nicely on an empty wall in your living room.

The large display makes this analog clock unique, and it comes with a 30-day warranty. AA batteries are also needed for this clock to work (not included). This clock is pricey, but it will be worthwhile if you’re willing to spend the money! best oversized wall clocks

Highlighted Features:

  •  It is well made and keeps time perfectly. 
  •  Little hard to read.
  •  Ideal for home décor.
  •  Farmhouse style.
  •  Made of invalid material.

4.Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Dark Brown Solid Oak Case

Seiko Wall Clock should be your best friend if you’re looking for something traditional with a pop of color! Its borders are dark and resemble wood.

Setting the clock’s time zone for your location will need some effort. You don’t need to buy a battery because one is included. This beautiful analog clock is shaped like a circle and is constructed of oak. Excellent for a bedroom or office. Its the best wooden wall colck

Highlighted Features:

  •  Frame made of natural wood.
  •  Secondhand sweeps smoothly.
  •  Easy to read.
  •  Maintains precise time.

5.Stonebriar Vintage Coastal Worn Blue 14 Inch Round Battery Operated Wall Clock

Another simple yet attractive clock is the coastal blue wall clock by The Stonebriar. Because it has a cordless feature, it is functional. The blue digits on this rustic clock feel like an old farmhouse.

Three sizes are available: 14″, 18″, and 23″ inches. An AA battery is not provided with this clock. This circular clock runs on batteries. It will generate ticking noises because it is not a quiet clock like others.

It would also make the ideal gift for a wedding, Christmas, housewarming, or any other occasion. Your kitchen, bedroom, or office are the finest places for this clock.

  • Highlighted Features:
  •  Does not include a secondhand.
  •  Offers accurate time and is simple to read.
  •  Often complimented.
  •  Fits a lot of other decorations.

6.Seiko CLOCK (Model: QXA469BLH) , Brown

Yes, finally! We have a clock that isn’t circular. This square-shaped clock is perfect for admirers of such shapes. The Seiko clocks are back. It is comparable to the Seiko clock in the round form we previously discussed.

This beautiful square-shaped clock features a glass window frame made of dark brown wood. Its power source is battery-operated and comes with a battery.

The top of the frame of this traditional clock is decorated with several patterns. It is appropriate for all ages. Great in the office, living room, or kitchen.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Its frame is dark brown.
  •  Secondhand sweep in quietness.
  •  Gives off an arts and crafts feel.
  •  Even from a distance, it is simple to read.

7.FirsTime & Co.® Gray Numeral Farmhouse Windmill Clock, American Crafted, Cool Gray, 24 x 2 x 24 ,

Another attractive wall clock! First & Co. offers a wall clock to liven up your bedroom or living area. It comes in three styles: cool gray, aged white, and multicolored. Each of them has a range of prices.

The 24″ diameter and 2″ depth of this clock. The huge display on this clock with traditional styling is a unique feature. They are making it appear simple to read. This wide round the clock has black hands and white numerals.

It has a rustic appearance. This is ideal for your home’s entryway and has a hand-painted gray galvanized finish that resembles a windmill. It is void of a battery.Its would be the best outdoor garden clock. It is one of the coolest wallclock

Highlighted Features:

  •  Game changer for your living room. 
  •  Simple to hang and read.
  •  Extremely lightweight.

8.FirsTime & Co.® Kensington Wall Clock

We think that FirstTime &Co. is not sponsoring me. I have an unhealthy obsession with their clocks. I’ll present you with a round clock in color oil-rubbed bronze this time. Likewise, it has a galvanized color.

The dimensions of this timepiece are 18″ in diameter and 2″ deep. It is composed of plastic and has a glass lens. Because it makes no sound, it is known as a whisper clock.

Plus, it has a 30-day warranty, so there are no hassles! You’ll need an AA battery (not included).

Highlighted Features:

  •  Most attractive for the living room.
  •  Lacking a second hand.
  •  Easy to read and inaudible ticking.
  •  Has digits but has the semblance of roman numerals.

9.Patton Wall Decor 36" Black Metal Cut Out Roman Numeral Wall Clock

Where have you been if you typically favor roman numerals? The oversized wall clock by Patton Wall Decor has an antique-inspired, simple, yet sleek design.

It measures 36″ in diameter and is black. With hangers on the back, hanging it on the wall is simple. Metal that has finished creates a floating shadow effect on any wall.

This analog clock has a rustic appearance. Both will look well indoors or outside. Likewise, AA batteries are needed.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Has roman numerals.
  •  Possesses an audible ticking noise.
  •  Metal material.
  •  Keeps accurate time. 

10.FirsTime & Co. Pearl Mosaic Wall Clock, 10.25", Beach Stone

This pearl mosaic wall clock will give your wall an upscale appearance. It is composed of sturdy plastic and has a glass lens, an old white face, gold hands, and a shell-patterned frame to give it a contemporary, seaside vibe. Given that it resembles the mother of pearl, you can gift it to your mother.

This spherical clock has a contemporary design and is off-ivory in color. It will significantly alter the decorative aspects of your bathrooms and bedrooms. It is plastic-based. It will require an AA battery, which is not present. There is a 30-day guarantee too. 

Highlighted Features:

  •  Creates a ticking noise.
  •  The perfect size clock for your bathroom.
  •  It’s a little challenging to read because of their silver hands.
  •  10.25″ in height and width, making it somewhat smaller.
  •  Having no second hand.

11.SEIKO 11 Inch St John Brushed Metal Wall Clock

The metal clock from Seiko is available in silver and black. Both use a transitional design. Reading is effortless because it has black numerals and a silver second hand.

It is 11 in length “. A single AA battery is included. Consequently, you won’t need to look for a battery to insert.

You will sleep soundly, thanks to how quiet this round clock is. The best options for your modern interior décor are your office, kitchen, and bedroom.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Easily readable at a distance.
  •  Secondhand sweep.
  •  Completely silent and doesn’t make any noise. 
  • Your living room will appear excellent.
  •  Keeps accurate time and is simple to hang.

12.FirsTime & Co.® Roman Gear Wall Clock, Oil Rubbed Bronze, 24"

Look how beautiful this Roman gear clock is! It offers the ideal details for a smooth ornamental finish if you intend to move. It is also available in two colors: antique silver and oiled-rubbed bronze.

This clock has a 24″ diameter and a 2″ depth and a sleek and classic appearance. Roman numerals are also present, and they are black-bronze. 

The part of this clock that stands out the most is the golden-colored hands. It also features gears that are fixed. A 30-day warranty is provided. The frame is made of plastic (hanging hardware and battery not included).

Highlighted Features:

  •  Light.
  •  Appears to be solid metal but is composed of plastic.
  •  It’s simple to read and keeps good time.
  •  Quiet clock. 

Buying guide:

We are here to support you if you still need assistance deciding to buy. There are several variations in sizes, sorts, forms, looks, textures, and pricing. Here are some things to consider if you want the best wall clock:


Let’s say you invested in a stylish wall clock. It offers the most incredible features and nicely complements your home or office design. There is only one exception: when the time is difficult to read because it has few numbers or none at all. The clock would then be utterly unvalued at that point. Therefore, when buying a clock, make sure it will be simple to read.

Moreover, it would help if you considered where to place it so that you can read the time. Position it so your eyes can see it from every angle. Skip this section, however, if you wish to purchase a wall clock for your home’s decor.


Sometimes you wish your home would be completely silent. You would never get the chance with a ticking clock. Most of us dislike hearing the noise of the watch. It is upsetting and irritating. While we sleep, we don’t like to listen to those ticking sounds. We suggest you get a silent clock.


Where should a wall clock be placed?

It depends on the kind of wall clock you plan to purchase. If the clock is fancier, you should use it as decor and place it next to a large showpiece on an empty wall. There, it will look good. And if you intend to purchase a standard black clock, you should place it in your bedroom, office, kitchen, and school.

How do I place a wall clock’s battery?

Some wall clocks don’t include batteries. You’ll need to get an AA battery for it. Remove the battery compartment from your watch. It has a small box-like appearance and typically resides on the back of the wall clock. To remove it, twist the screwdriver. Next, put the batteries in. Ensure the battery’s the positive or negative end is on the right side, then insert it accordingly.

How should the wall clock be cleaned?

Every piece of furniture we own, including a wall clock, occasionally has to be thoroughly cleaned. You can purchase a cleaning kit or carefully clean the clock with a cotton cloth. A fluid for cleaning mechanical components is included with the kit. You must first disassemble your clock and clean every element with the fluid.

What should you expect to pay for a wall clock?

Consequently, it depends on the kind of clock. Go for it if you want to spend a significant sum on the clock! Furthermore, there are many additional options available if your budget is limited. It’s entirely up to you.

Can a wall clock be placed in the bathroom?

Absolutely, why not? You would benefit from it in terms of time management. It will be ideal for you if you have a job that requires you to get up early in the morning. While getting ready, you can check the time to avoid being late for work. The bathroom would look the finest with a marble wall clock.

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