Best wall light bulb cover

best wall bulb cover

No one enjoys looking at bare light bulbs. The harsh light hurts the eye. It also makes it hard to see things without strain. This is where light bulb covers and shades come into play. 

Have you been thinking about how to be power-saving with your lights? Also, do you want to see it generally without getting flashed out whenever you turn on the lights? Install the bulb covers.

Bulb covers help lead the light in a certain way, making it power-saving. But, at the same time, it covers up the harsh lights. It’s evident that you already know about light bulb covers. But there are many light bulb covers in the market. So we can not let our instincts get blurred by all these products. 

So, this article is here to help you select the best wall bulb cover among all others. You will judge these bulb covers based on their material, shapes, and other qualities. This will let you choose the right one for your need!

There are many wall bulb covers on the market. Even on Amazon, you can get flooded by hundreds of options. As a result, you may think bulb covers are no big thing and buy whatever looks fine. But this might lead to a cheap and poor-quality bulb cover. You may end up having to change the covers always. Now, this will cost you a fortune.

Spending so much time and money on a light bulb cover makes no sense. So buying them with care is undoubtedly the better bet. Look at the price, texture, and color. Choosing the right cover for the right mood and place is no joke.

Let’s dive into it and see the 12 best wall bulb covers.



1.Designers Fountain

2.Westinghouse Lighting

4.Progress Lighting

5.Globe Electric

7.Aspen Creative

8.Xinbei Lighting

1.Designers Fountain Ceiling Lights

This excellent corded electric light bulb cover is one of the best wall bulb covers. Its oval-shaped front distributes the light well. Both bright and warm lights will look great with these covers.

These covers are made of glass and alloy steel. It is also close to the ceiling, which provides better light coverage. The best thing about these bulb covers is that they are very cheap. You can buy them for around 62.85 dollars. This amazing wall bulb cover weighs around 3.7 pounds (1.68 kg) and is about 12 inches (30.48 cm), depending on the type.

Highlighted features:

2. Designers Fountain Wall Lanterns

This is one of the best wall bulb covers available. This has a perfect shield on top that prevents light from the horizon. It is also very cheap.

This can be bought for 23 dollars. They come in three different colors. You can customize them to match your patio.

Since the bottom of the cover is open, you can easily change the bulb. The material is glass and alloy steel. Overall, it has a simple, sleek feature that complements the exterior decor. In addition, it looks classy because of its clear glass exterior and sturdy steel construction.

Highlighted features:

3. Westinghouse width Wall Bracket

Who wouldn’t want a stylish bulb cover for 20 to 27 dollars? These Chinese products are good-looking and have a simple look. They have a chrome finish and space for one light of 60-watt. 

Their simple design of white glass produces clear light. And the most incredible fact is that they also have pull chains and a push-button system!

It is wall-mounted. Its eloquent design will go well with any room decor. 

Highlighted features:

4. Nuvo SF77/087 with U Channel Glass

These simple bulb covers have a white finish. They would quickly go along with bathrooms and toilets. These vanity and wall covers are priced at $22.

Their height and weight are 4.75 and 14.01 inches (35.59 cm), respectively. People use them indoors. It uses 120-volt and up to 60-watt bulbs. These will be a good option if you are looking for something simple and low-repair. However, they can also be written off in the best wall bulb covers list.

Highlighted features:

5. Progress Lighting P4962-30

These can be a splendid choice if you have a thing for traditional 60s vibe bulb covers. They come in square and round shapes. They also have a white finish.

These calming light covers will be great in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways. They are close to the ceiling and have a chic design. Depending on the design of the shade, different lights can be used.

Highlighted features:

6. Design House Jelly Jar

We’ve reviewed bulb covers that are good for outdoors and indoors. But what if you want to have the same bulb covers for both indoors and outdoors?

These bulb covers are suitable for both outdoors and indoors. They are made of alloy steel and have a sconce fixture. It has an excellent white finish and clear glass. It uses one 60-watt and one 120-volt bulb. But it may rust.

Highlighted features:

7. Design House Satin Nickel

These bulb covers have a beautiful sconce shape and style. It provides sophisticated light in the room. As a result, they can look great in bedrooms or dining rooms.

They can be mounted both facing up and down. They have a lovely satin nickel finishing style. There are also other styles. It uses one 60-watt bulb, and LED can also be used. These covers cost around 29 dollars.

Highlighted features:

8. Globe Electric 51719 Dimitri

This is an aesthetic and sleek-looking bulb cover. It has a vintage and aged look to it. It has a bowl shape, which makes it the perfect light fixture for bedrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. 

This is easily one of the best wall bulb covers. Unfortunately, it costs between $35 and $54.

Highlighted features:

9. GE LED Vintage Night Light

Despite their unique rustic design and power efficiency, these bulb covers only cost $10 to $11.

It is of antique finishing and weighs 0.35 Pounds. It has a limited lifetime warranty. These are ideal nightlights for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways.

Highlighted features:

10.Aspen Creative Transitional

This transitional glass bulb cover costs around $34. They are wall mounted.

It can be used for ceiling fan light covers and bathroom light covers. These have enough reasons to be on the best wall bulb cover list. 

Highlighted features:

11. Wall Light 1 Light Bathroom Vanity

This is one of the best wall bulb covers. These hard-wired dual glass shade vanity covers are very fancy. It ranges in price from 31 to 121 dollars depending on the number of lights (2, 3, or 4). 

They also come in many designs. This cover is indoor and wall mounted. It is best for many room areas.

Highlighted features:

12. Design House 511592

This light bulb covers suit bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers, kitchens, etc. They only cost around 18 dollars. They have a dome shape, alabaster, and glass finish. 

These light bulbs are common to find. They have a traditional design. You can use them in many indoor places. 

Highlighted features:

Buying guide:

When choosing the best wall bulb cover, there are many things to consider. It may seem like a trivial thing to choose the right light bulb cover. But it’s not.


Imagine buying many light bulb covers for your house’s indoor and outdoor decor. Then suddenly, you realize that none of it matches your home. It will surely give an odd look to your house.

So, to avoid such happenings, buying the right cover to go with your house pattern is a must. Doing the best wall Bulb cover check might be a brilliant solution to this issue.

If the design does not match the interior, then there’s no point in wasting money on it. Color combination, style, material, all these things should be taken into the debate.


Check that the design, features, and materials are worth the money you paid. Otherwise, you will lose money while the product is of inferior quality. 

Different lightbulb covers have different sizes and shapes as well. So based on that, the cost also differs.

Some come with three light sockets, while some have four or two. So this should also be looked at before buying a light bulb cover.


The durability of the product dramatically depends on the material used in it. If it is made of plastic, it will not be prone to rust. On the other hand, glass-made products may get broken easily. 

So you must review the best wall bulb cover and choose the ones with suitable material. 



Can you put a plastic cover over the light bulb?

You can place plastic covers over light bulbs. Bulbs do not get that hot to melt or harm the plastic.

Do you need a light bulb cover?

These covers are mainly thought to be used as decor. But they have good use as well. For example, we know that direct light hurts our eyes. 

So light covers help the light not fall directly into our eyes. Instead, it helps direct the light where it’s most needed in a room or space. So light covers also make the use of light power saving. 

Do LED bulbs require covers?

Light covers can help lower the brightness and harshness of LED lights. It helps with power efficiency. Also, this helps reduce the temperature in some places.

Does shape matter in light covers?

Shapes do matter in light covers. With the help of the shade and its condition, we can lead the light where we want to. As a result, we can ensure zero power wastage. 

Is a sconce-shaped light cover out of fashion?

It is not and most probably never will be. Sconce shapes have been quite popular for a very long time. It can also be modernized using different materials and designs. 

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