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Assuming you are looking for the best homesense area rugs on amazon for your home. If so, then voila! You are at the right place. We here enlisted the best and most selling rugs on the market.

RUGS are the way to go if your tiles seem to be fading or if you want to give your home a makeover. Besides, nobody likes to walk on cold wooden floors or tiles. There needs to be some warmth. Rugs are just the solution. 


They are cheap, classy, and cozy. But the hardest part about getting the best homesense area rugs for you, in our opinion, is the actual shopping. It might be confusing and difficult to pick just one choice with so many available. And the fact that they are all different sorts certainly doesn’t help.

It’s crucial to understand the many kinds of rug materials that are available before thinking about the design of your area rug. Each fiber type, from natural to synthetic, has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common rug materials and the best rugs.


1.Artistic Weavers

3.Home Dynamix


1. Nuloom Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Rugs are certainly the ones that are going to make your home look more elegant and hide ugly walls and stains. Therefore, rugs can be considered a necessity for the household. Unfortunately, the best homesense area  rugs on amazon are not easy to find usually. Also, not every rug will stop your downstairs neighbors from hearing you walk.


nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe area rug, however, gets the job done. The carpet is pretty thick, and its polypropylene material makes it easy to clean and has a low friction rate. As a result, it can be considered one of the high-quality rugs.


As it is, rugs are only considered the best based on their features. Therefore, you might come across many rugs, but they will wear out in no time because they are not made with the same materials required for the best carpet.

Highlighted features:

2. Home Dynamix Buffalo Bear Area Rug

You have certainly used rugs for your home before, but there has always been a necessity for a rug that makes your home look elegant. Some of the fine rugs will certainly make your home look elegant not just by their quality but also by their design.

Home Dynamix Buffalo Bear area rug has an outstanding southwest wildlife design and a rectangular shape that covers many sites and is machine woven, so the texture is very lively. In short, it fits in well with your home type. 

This of the best homesense rugs on amazon will ease your pain of regularly cleaning as it is stain and fade-resistant. It also provides soft underfoot care. If you are hoping for a convenient rug for your home, this certainly meets the necessity.

Highlighted features:

3. SAFAVIEH Natural Fiber Collection

the most selling and popular rugs are the ones that go along with your furniture and are eco-friendly. The Safavieh natural collection has a vintage texture, made with natural products like jute and seagrass. They are also handmade. 

The company has been crafting these rugs for almost a century, and their quality has fit the criteria of best rugs. They go with nearly any sort of home. Whether it’s an apartment or a beach house. The size of the rugs is also formidable. However, they are really elegant for a home, and the maintenance is easy.

Highlighted features:

4. Nuloom Sailor Machine Washable Tropical Area Rug

nuLOOM machine washable tropical rugs are very handy, and the best feature is that they are easily washable just with a machine. The design is very low and summer-like; very good quality of it is the best homesense area rug.

All the features are user-friendly. It also has a backing layer attached. It has a very sophisticated outlook and is also very affordable. It is also stain resistant and soft in texture. More convenient for spaces with high traffic in the house. It stands out, and the material is suitable. It fits right in the box of an affordable rug.

Highlighted features:

5. Nuloom Bowie Machine Washable Tribal

This nuLOOM tribal pattern machine washable rug is a very artsy-looking rug which is also a good quality rug. It goes very well with the items of furniture and the decors.

This rug requires one piece, and there is no use of a backing layer. For the money, it’s a very good rug. This rug also has a sleek look and is stain resistant as well.Rugs these days don’t usually have the feature of not needing a backing layer.

For your house, this rug will always be a budget buy and handy. It’s easily washable with a machine. Most rugs lack these features. The tribal outlook gives your home a unique ambiance and makes it look attractive. Not all the rugs in the market have a unique design.

Highlighted features:

6. Amazon Basics Non-Slip Microfiber Rug

the basic microfiber shag bathroom rug is the best rug for bathrooms. This rug is small in size, but the best budget buys for bathroom usage.

This rug gives a soft, plush feeling to stand on and is small in shape. It is absorbent and also easily cleanable. 

This beautiful rug is considered well-known for its features and benefits as a bathroom rug. Not only for that reason but it is also regarded as convenient for its machine washable feature. 

This rug has a firm grip and is non-slippery even in wet places. However, the rug soaks up water very quickly. This amazing rug is very affordable and durable. This certainly meets the necessity of the household.

Highlighted features:

7. Nuloom Mila Machine Washable Diamond Trellis Area Rug

the nuLOOM Mila machine washable rug is a catchy eye rug. The rug has all the features of the best rug. It is affordable, and your home will look more elegant with its design. The quality of a product decides if it can be considered best or not.

This unique and beautiful rug can be regarded as sleek and sophisticated as it comes with a unique design, it is also machine washable, and the rug’s weave is very durable. The rug has a back layer attached, eliminating the need for additional setup. 

Not a lot of rugs have these features. Most rugs these days are not durable and start fading with heavy use. They also need different forms and are hard to clean. This rug can cover up a lot of areas that most good rugs cannot due to their lesser durability. This rug has a diamond-shaped design pattern and looks more elegant than most rugs.

Highlighted features:

8. Nuloom Mae Machine Washable Tribal Motif Area Rug

The new nuLOOM Mae machine washable tribal rug is a very beautiful rug with a unique tribal design. It also has the same feature as their other rugs: a backing layer attached system. Most common rugs don’t have it and are also very hard to wash, causing an extra hassle. But this rug is machine washable, and due to its material, it is durable and covers up a big space.                  

This rug is one of the most selling and demandable rugs. It is also more likely to fall under your budget and provide a service worth the money. They are specially made to endure high traffic areas of your home, unlike the traditional market rugs. These rugs come with better quality and a higher aim of customer satisfaction.

Highlighted features:

9. Artistic Weavers Chester Boho Moroccan Area Rug

Artistic weavers Chester Boho Moroccan rug is a creative rug for your house. This rug goes with a living room setup. It also has an available medium file for convenient adjustment and is machine washable. This rug is also tough and stain resistant.

Overall, the rug goes well with the house, and the maintenance is easy due to its high-quality material. This one of the best rugs on amazon also comes in a very good budget.


Highlighted features:

Buying Guide:


The wool does shed at first, so it requires regular vacuuming in the first few
months. Due to the substantial labor involved in designing and creating them,
true wool rugs are more expensive, but the quality is exceptional.


our pick for the best wool rugs:

SAFAVIEH Heritage Collection 8' x 10' Light Blue


Silk creates a luxurious shine in a rug unmatched by any other fibers. Thin, silky, and pleasant to the touch, silk carpets are common. Silk rugs are typically seen in homes where people come and leave less frequently.

Silk rugs are incredibly delicate and difficult to clean, so this rug type is best in low-traffic spaces. 

Here’s our pick: 

Artistic Weavers Odelia Vintage Bohemian Area Rug


A more affordable option for more expensive rugs made of wool or silk is cotton, which is a cheap and fun rug material. Cotton, on the other hand, fades rapidly and does not repel stains.

As a result, cotton rugs are best used in casual spaces and are a good option if you want to change your rug depending on the mood or season. They won’t last decades like wool rugs. 

Here’s our pick:

MOTINI Denim Cotton Area Rug


These are a nice choice for rooms needing texture, and their economical price point makes them a good value, especially in areas where a large rug is necessary.

Be careful where you place these rugs, as some can show watermarks and be difficult to clean. If you’re buying a jute or bamboo rug for an outdoor space, ensure it’s approved for exposure to the elements.

Here’s our pick: 

NuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Farmhouse Jute Area Rug


Can I cut down rugs on my own without fraying edges?

No, I recommend you take it to a carpet place and have it rebound there. Rugs are very strong, and cutting them requires precision which is very hard to achieve without the proper tools and expertise. 

What is the difference between a rug and a carpet?

The rug has evolved to refer to a smaller thing (such as an area rug that is no more than 4 feet by 6 feet), whereas carpet refers to larger ones (as in an area carpet that is over 4 feet wide and 6 feet long). Both carpets and rugs are floor coverings, the only difference being how large they are.

How do I place the rugs in my living room?

The room’s shape, as well as your furniture, dictates your rug size, shape, and orientation within the room’s layout. For example, if you decide to have the sofa situated on the rug, be sure that it extends out a minimum of 6 inches on each side.

How are rugs valued?

Older rugs focused on quality and not affordability. This is why many of the older rugs were woven using better base materials, and far more attention was paid when each carpet was produced. Older antique rugs, especially those in good condition, are also more valued because they are rarer and look and feel like nothing that could be delivered today.

How do I know when it is time to clean my rug?

Your rug should be cleaned every three to five years, depending on how much foot traffic it receives.

What to do with moth-manifested rugs?

The greatest protection against moths is to clean your carpets and your area regularly. People, in particular, should establish a regular vacuuming regimen. Remember to clean beneath the rug as well as any furniture near the rug. The strands of rice-like larvae casings have a coloration similar to a rug. You should routinely inspect and clean tapestries and wall hangings as well since moths might get into those items.

What does rug abrash mean?

Genuine Oriental carpets are created by hand using hand-spun yarn rather than by machine. Handmade carpets feature a particular design with natural variations in color, tints, and colors. These color variations are known as Abrash (pronounced ‘Ah-brash’) and are one of the hallmark characteristics of authentic Oriental rugs. Abrash rugs are particularly true of older or tribal nomadic rugs.

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