Best motive gear ring and pinion reviews

what is motive gear ring and pinion ?

Motive Gear could be a company that specializes in fabricating ring and pinion adapt sets for a assortment of vehicles. A ring and pinion adapt set may be a basic component in a vehicle’s differential, responsible for exchanging control from the engine to the wheels. The ring adapt may be a large, toothed adapt that’s joined to the differential carrier, whereas the pinion adapt could be a littler, toothed equip that’s associated to the driveshaft.
Motive Gear ring and pinion sets are precision-machined and made from high-quality materials to guarantee long-lasting strength and ideal execution. They are accessible in a extend of adapt proportions to suit distinctive vehicles and applications, and are planned to fit a wide extend of differentials, counting those from GM, Passage, and Chrysler.

In general, Motive Gear ring and pinion sets are a popular choice for those looking to overhaul their vehicle’s differential for moved forward execution and unwavering quality. With their exactness machining and high-quality materials, they offer a solid and long-lasting arrangement for those looking to urge the foremost out of their vehicle.

Why is motive gear ring and pinion so much cheaper?

Motive Gear offers a range of ring and pinion gear sets at competitive prices, which may lead some people to wonder why their products are so much cheaper than other brands. There are several factors that contribute to the lower cost of Motive Gear products:

  1. Manufacturing process: Motive Gear uses an efficient manufacturing process that allows them to produce high-quality ring and pinion sets at a lower cost. Their process involves using state-of-the-art equipment and computer-aided design and machining to ensure precision and accuracy.

  2. Material selection: Motive Gear uses a variety of materials in their ring and pinion sets, including 8620 steel, 9310 steel, and heat-treated 4140 steel. While these materials are high-quality, they are less expensive than some of the materials used by other brands.

  3. Economy of scale: Motive Gear is one of the largest manufacturers of ring and pinion gear sets, which means they are able to produce their products at a lower cost due to economies of scale. This allows them to pass on the cost savings to their customers in the form of lower prices.

Overall, Motive Gear is able to offer high-quality ring and pinion gear sets at lower prices due to their efficient manufacturing process, material selection, and economies of scale. While their products may be less expensive than some other brands, they are still of high quality and offer reliable performance.

When did motive buy richmond gear?

Motive Gear acquired Richmond Gear in 2007. Richmond Gear was a well-known manufacturer of high-performance gears and other drivetrain components, with a history dating back to the 1940s. By acquiring Richmond Gear, Motive Gear was able to expand their product line and further establish themselves as a leading manufacturer of high-quality drivetrain components. Today, Motive Gear continues to offer a wide range of products under the Richmond Gear brand name, including ring and pinion sets, differential carriers, and gear installation kits.

Where is motive gear made?

Motive Gear manufactures its ring and pinion gear sets and other drivetrain components in multiple locations across the United States. The company has several production facilities located in California, Illinois, and Mississippi, where they use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to manufacture their products. Motive Gear also sources some of its materials from other countries, including Japan and Germany, but all of their final assembly and quality control is performed in the United States. The company is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and precision in all of their products, and their made-in-the-USA manufacturing approach helps to ensure that their customers receive reliable and long-lasting drivetrain components.

Best Motive gear ring and pinion reviews

1.USA Standard Gear (ZG GM8.5-411)

USA Standard Gear (ZG GM8.5-411) Ring & Pinion Gear Set for GM 8.5 Differential

About this item

The USA Standard Gear (ZG GM8.5-411) Ring & Pinion Gear Set is designed for use in GM 8.5 differentials, offering a high-quality upgrade for those looking to improve the performance of their vehicle. This set features precision-machined gears that are made from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting reliability and optimal performance.

One of the standout features of this gear set is its 4.11 gear ratio, which is ideal for vehicles that require a higher gear ratio for improved acceleration and towing capabilities. The gears are also designed with a 10-bolt pattern, ensuring a precise fit and easy installation.




2.Yukon Gear & Axle High Performance Ring & Pinion

Yukon Gear & Axle High Performance Ring & Pinion Gear Set for GM 8.5/8.6 Differential (YG GM8.5-373)

About this item

The Yukon Gear & Axle High Performance Ring & Pinion Gear Set (YG GM8.5-373) is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their GM 8.5/8.6 differential. This set is designed to offer high-performance and improved efficiency, making it a great option for those who want to optimize their vehicle’s performance.

One of the standout features of this gear set is its 3.73 gear ratio, which provides a good balance of acceleration and fuel efficiency for daily driving. The gears are made from high-quality materials and are precision-machined, ensuring reliable and consistent performance over the long term.


3.Motive Gear C9.25-355 Rack and Pinion

Motive Gear C9.25-355 Rack and Pinion, 39-11 Teeth, 3.55 Ratio

About this item

Motive Gear makes driveline stuff for all kinds of vehicles, from regular cars to extreme 4×4 trucks and racecars. They are the best at it. We have a great variety of high-quality parts specifically designed and made for your vehicle and the way you drive it. Our Motive Gear products are designed to be just as good as the original parts, but won’t cost you as much money.

 offer many different parts for cars and trucks, including gears, clutches, and other items. These parts will work for most vehicles made in the last 80 years. Our installation kits have everything needed to install a ring & pinion set, including seals, gaskets, and RTV. Both DIY customers and professional installers love them.


What is the best gear oil for motive gears

Here is a list of some best gear oil for motive gear.

  1. Stens Lucas Oil
  2. Quicksilver 80W-90
  3. Red Line 57904
  4. Lucas Oil 10046


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